Practicing Awareness of Microaggressions

Microaggression to me can be defined as being stereotypical. Dr. Derald Wing Sue defines them as brief everyday indignities that may be verbal, behavioral or environmental and are communicated intentionally or unintentionally that contains an insulting message. These messages could often cause severe psychological stress and harm while reflecting the view of inferiority or superiority… Continue reading Practicing Awareness of Microaggressions

Perspectives on Diversity and Culture

Culture can be defined as a different set of characteristics that are available to us through the children in terms of race, ethnicity, economic, language abilities (Laureate Education, 2011).¬†Groups defined by gender, age, ethnicity, and nationality are all represented in the culture (Deaux, 2001). I asked three friends from different backgrounds and ethnicities their definition… Continue reading Perspectives on Diversity and Culture